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Breedwell Limited Edition Icon Neo Hoodie

Breedwell Limited Edition Icon Neo Hoodie

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The hood that gives you wood. Are you made to F*CK? Get ready to drain that chain.

This hoodie will give you a woody. Full stop. Our ICON NEO HOODIE is simple, sexy, perfection. BUTT-ery soft to the touch, the HOODIE is made of premium, soft, stretch neoprene and features a modern, contemporary drop-shoulder and narrow-waist design. Lose yourself (or just do a hit of poppers) inside the over-sized, cross-over hood. The thumb guards will make you look like a bad ass whether your hitchin’ a ride or givin’ one. Lastly, the signature BREEDWELL finishes – like our recognizable 3D logos featuring our sex-positive anthems: Dirty By Choice and Made To Fuck – will make you look like the baller that we know you are.

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