Our In-Store rewards program is now accessible online so you can now shop in-store and online using the same rewards account to earn even more. 

Since the launch of our new systems and rewards program, we have been busy migrating rewards accounts over to our new system. While some customers have completed the migration, there are still customers who have not done so yet.

If you have shopped with us in-store from December 26th to present day with a rewards account, we've successfully migrated your account and points over already and updated your account with your e-mail.

If you have not, we will need to manually update and link your rewards account. This can be done in-store or by contacting us using the information provided at the bottom of this section.

If you have already shopped and updated your rewards account with your e-mail, to register your account for online access, simply create your account by clicking on the My Account icon at the top of our website. Use the e-mail provided to register your account and have access to your account information and reward points via the floating Rewards tool accessible at the bottom of your screens view.

This is very important. Using a different e-mail address for your online account if you've already provided one for your rewards account will fail to link with your rewards account in our new systems and will create a duplicate account for you.

If you have never provided us with an e-mail address for your rewards account in-store, simply create your account at prior or during checkout and send us an email letting us know so we can manually update and link your Rewards account. You will get a confirmation response when your account has been updated or if we need further information from you.

Please send the following information to:

First and Last Name

Phone number already registered to your existing rewards account 

Your E-Mail address you used to create your account.

Your order # if you completed a purchase.